April 20, 2008

Planning Your Pregnancy Diet

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As soon as that little test stick yields a plus sign, a woman must begin to consider her options regarding her pregnancy diet. It is often hard to find any foods that sound appetizing during the first few weeks of pregnancy when morning sickness can run rampant over an expectant mother’s life. When the nausea settles down however, the diet becomes an important element in the health of the unborn baby.

What You Should Not Include in your Pregnancy Diet

Besides avoiding alcohol, caffeine and excessive sugar intake, there are some foods that you might be surprised to be told to avoid during your pregnancy. Raw fish such as sushi can be dangerous to an unborn baby because it can be a possible source of bacteria. Soft cheeses such as Brie, pate, and undercooked meat and poultry can also harbor bacteria. Eggs are another food that should not be consumed by expectant mothers unless they are fully cooked.

Since a proper pregnancy diet only needs to include an additional 300 calories per day, you do not need to increase your food consumption by as much as you might think. Adding a couple of vitamin-packed snacks will provide you with enough additional nutrition, and may help you ward off the waves of nausea that can generally attack during the first trimester. Forget the old adage of “eating for two” and be mindful of how much food you really need to fill your plate with.

What Your Pregnancy Diet should include

While serving sizes do not change during pregnancy, it is a good idea to become even more conscientious during this time of getting enough servings of the appropriate food groups. A good pregnancy diet should include at least nine servings of grains, seven fruits and vegetables, three milk products and three protein servings. You should also make sure you are drinking six to eight glasses of water every day, since hydration during pregnancy is important.

There are many options to choose from when it comes to quick snacks on the go. You can find individual serving containers of fruits, boxes of raisins, yogurt containers in a huge variety of sizes and flavors, precut vegetables for dipping, and packages of string cheese. A glass of soy milk can make a nutritious and satisfying snack as well. A good pregnancy diet doesn’t have to give up nutrition in favor of convenience!

Pregnancy diet does not have to be a complicated process, but with a little planning and information, you can ensure that your baby has his healthiest start by the foods you choose to eatuj. Choose wisely, and you will both be on your way to a more nutritious life.

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