October 14, 2015

Home Pregnancy Test – For Reliable Results under Privacy

Have you really missed your period? Are you not able to judge about the situation you are in? Feeling hesitant over going to the doctor for the check-up? Do not stress your mind wondering. Get yourself a good home pregnancy test kit and find for yourself. Yes, it is now possible to know the result without even involving your partner! You can surprise him with a bouquet and a sweet smile on your face, when he is back from work. All you need to do is just go to a nearby medical store and buy yourself a pregnancy test kit, manufactured by a reputed company.

October 13, 2015

How To Choose A Breast Pump

The milk production in the breasts, much like so many other things, work on the shear principal of supply and demand. The more breast milk your baby consumes, the more your body will need to make.

Breast pumps are generally used to insure continued production of breast milk when you cannot feed your baby – whether you are back to work, traveling, taking medication, or just out of town.

Basic types of pumps Breast pumps can either be battery operated, hand operated, semi automatic electric, or even self cycling electric.

October 12, 2015

What about an Online Forum about Stages of Pregnancy?

There are books about every conceivable aspect of a pregnancy. If one were able to, the expectant mother and/or her partner could spend the entire pregnancy reading about different issues that occur during a pregnancy. Some people don’t have time to read, or prefer using the computer. If you are one of those people, you can probably find an online forum about stages of pregnancy and just about any other topic pertaining to pregnancy.

Protecting Yourself and Your Baby – Teen Pregnancy and Health Risks

Teen pregnancy and health risks to both mother and infant are unfortunately closely related. In general, infants born to adolescent mothers are at a higher risk of accidental injury and poisoning, complications of prematurity, learning disabilities and cognitive problems, minor acute infections, sudden infant death syndrome. Also, rates of premature birth and low birth weight are higher among teenage mothers.

Teen pregnancy and health risks go hand in hand in girls 14 years old and younger because of an underdeveloped pelvis which can lead to difficulties in the childbirth process. In industrialized nations, this situation can be resolved with a Cesarean section. In developing nations, however, which have high rates of adolescent pregnancy, medical services are scarce and problems during childbirth can lead to eclampsia, obstetric fistula, infant mortality, or maternal death.

October 11, 2015

Consistency And Parenting

Consistency is of utmost importance whether you have just one baby or a car full. How do you do this?

Finding a set way that you care for your baby is a great thing for you and for her. The first week that she is home, you will probably have a hard time keeping her awake enough to eat, but that is to be expected. Keeping her awake long enough to feed should be your goal this first week. By the second week, she will most likely be more alert for feedings.

Stress Free Holidays During Your Pregnancy

Holidays can already be a stressful time, and mix that with pregnancy and hormones and you can be asking for trouble. I’m not meaning for just the pregnant woman either, anyone and everyone in her path. Women already feel the pressure of having that perfect holiday for her family, which is probably why she decides to do 100 things at a time…stressing herself out in the end. However, she doesn’t have to have a stressful holiday. There are five ways to make your holidays something to remember.

Mark the Dates

October 10, 2015

Natural birth control methods

Natural birth control

People today have understood the importance family planning and hence are trying out various birth control measures in order to avoid pregnancy. This in turn is lending a helping hand in population control. The natural methods of birth control include the concept of avoiding conception without using any external agency. Females since times immemorial have been adopting the natural birth control methods through fertility awareness. The concept of natural birth control encapsulates a lot many issues that include rhythm method, ovulation method, Standard Days methods and even the symptom-thermal technique. The basis of these natural techniques is that a female is expected to be the most fertile around about the period of natural contraception.

Depression related to birth control pills

All the people in this world at some or point or the other come to a point when they are struggling with depression, it is very important to learn more about how the birth control pill may affect ones depression. Depending on the type of depression one has, birth control pills can improve it or make it worse. PMS or Menstrual related depression can be improved by using the birth control pill. Depression that only sets on during “that time of the month” is caused by hormonal changes in your body. Those rapid changes can be “mellowed” by taking the pill. Many women with menstrual or PMS related depression see an improvement in the way the feel after being on the pill for a couple of months.

October 9, 2015

Dealing With the Usual Pregnancy Signs

It seems odd, but something isn’t quite right. Maybe your breasts seem a little tender or swollen. It could be that certain smells are upsetting your stomach. Maybe you’re getting funny looks at work because of a lot of unscheduled bathroom breaks. It’s possible that you are experiencing some unusual aches and pains and it isn’t time for your period. Wait a minute, your period never showed up this month. Once 2+2=baby, pregnancy signs become impossible to miss. There are a lot of common and not so common symptoms that go along with the early part of pregnancy.

How Long Has Abortion Been Around?

The answer to the question, “How long has abortion been around” is surprising. Contrary to popular belief, abortion was not invented with the Roe vs. Wade court decision. In fact, since the ancient Greek and Roman times, abortion has been a common procedure and, until the late 18th and early 19th centuries, abortion was actually legal in most parts of the world. The Greek and Roman philosophers wrote extensively about abortion, and many agreed with its practice. Some even wrote treatises on abortion, its benefits, and even discussed what abortifacient (or abortion causing) herbs to use and how to use them. Abortions in this time were not very different from ones that happen today, only now abortion is legalized and regulated by the government and medical community, making it a much safer practice. This is only the beginning of the answer to how long has abortion been around.