May 31, 2016

Know all about breastfeeding supplies

It is very important that a mother has all the breastfeeding supplies she needs to feed her baby.

Breastfeeding is one of the best things that a woman can do for her baby. It is an experience that allows mother and baby to bond in a loving and intimate way. It also provides the mother with a way to pass on essential nutrients and antibodies to her baby, to ensure he or she grows healthy and strong and has the ability to fight off dangerous infections and other illnesses. That is why it is so important for a mother to have all the necessary breastfeeding supplies.

Improving Your Diet and Fitness During Pregnancy

Diet and fitness during pregnancy are very important things to consider when you are pregnant. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle will reduce the chances of suffering from any pregnancy medical conditions and will make it easier to cope with the stresses of birth. Your baby will also reap the benefits from maintaining a good diet and fitness during pregnancy.

May 30, 2016

Sex During Pregnancy

3 Common Questions About Sex During Pregnancy

When you get pregnant, there are a number of questions that you are likely to have that deal with the issue of sex during pregnancy. In what follows, you will get answers to some of the most commonly-asked questions.

1. Is it safe to have sex during pregnancy?

You might not want to ask the question, but you are likely wondering it! The answer to this is, “yes, unless you have or develop risk factors.” Under normal circumstances (a low-risk pregnancy), you can have sex during all three trimesters.

Types Of Birth Control Pills

Birth controls pills have been in use since 1960 when the US Food and Drug Administration approved it. Today, there are more than 40 different types to choose from which you can get from your local health rep.

Another name for the pill is called oral contraception. There are two types namely combination and progestin pills. Both are made of hormones and before you can buy it, you need to get prescription from your doctor.

May 29, 2016

Maternity Swimwear: Going to the Beach

If you are one of those women who love the beach, you don’t have to stop going simply because you are pregnant. Pregnant women can still look really lovely in their maternity swimwear. Whereas being pregnant used to be something not bring attention to, now it’s just another reason to wear stylish fashions!

Never mind if you feel a bit heavy, always remember that pregnancy always brings about a certain glow in women. No matter how heavy they may feel or look, they will always look absolutely stunning and beautiful whether they are on their maternity swimwear or in their everyday clothes.

Your Nursing Area

Once you’ve reached the third trimester, you’ll probably start stocking up on nursing bras, breast pads, and loose button down shirts for the coming months ahead. While getting ready to breast feed, you can also create your personal area, a custom designed breast feeding area for yourself.

Your nursing area should reflect your personality. If you like a loud, yet friendly surrounding, you should consider setting in a corner of the living room or family room. Keep an extra chair or two near you so family members or even friends can keep you company.

May 28, 2016

The Causes For Early Miscarriages Are Not Always Easy To Determine

Unfortunately, causes for early miscarriages can be difficult to ascertain. While miscarriage is a common complication that ends pregnancies and occurs often before a woman even realizes that she is pregnant, determining the reason for miscarriage can be difficult, if not impossible.

Most causes for early miscarriages revolve around genetic abnormalities in the embryo that make it non-viable. In most cases, there was nothing the pregnant woman did wrong to cause a miscarriage and nothing medically could have been done to prevent that miscarriage from happening. Miscarriages are so common that it’s not unusual for a couple to suffer the loss of more than one pregnancy, especially in the first trimester.

Stages of Pregnancy: What Happens?

There are three major stages of pregnancy. These are called “trimesters” and generally last about thirteen weeks. The stages of pregnancy each have different characteristics.

The first of the stages of pregnancy, commonly referred to as the first trimester, is the easiest to miss. Many women may not know they are even pregnant until the end of the first trimester. In some women, morning sickness develops. This is because the woman’s body is getting itself acclimated to its new condition. A woman’s body needs to change to enable it to nourish both the baby and the mother. These shifts in a woman’s condition cause a variety of natural functions to shift as well.

May 27, 2016

Do Trendy Maternity Clothes Really Exist?

Any fashion-conscious newly pregnant woman might wonder if there is such a thing as trendy maternity clothes. The answer to this is a resounding YES!

It was only a few decades ago that pregnancy was more hidden than exposed. It almost seemed as though pregnancy was something to be ashamed of. Or women with blooming bellies just considered themselves to be in a “delicate” state and didn’t want to broadcast their imagined vulnerability to everyone and anyone.

May 26, 2016

What are the Best Getting Pregnant Positions

Did you know that even when you try to conceive on the right day, there is only a 20% chance of success? It’s no wonder some couples can take months if not years trying to have a baby. There are all kinds of advice out for couples trying to get pregnant. Some of it is based on solid medical research and other tips are just old wives’ tales. Maintaining a healthy weight, eating right, and having a pre pregnancy physical exam are all useful in the journey to parenthood, but on the fun side of life determining the best getting pregnant positions can add a little spice to the process.