July 23, 2014

Symptoms of Pregnancy

The key to determining if there is something going on medically is a matter of knowing your own body in many cases. This is especially true for a woman questioning the possibility of a pregnancy. She will know when her body isn’t behaving as it usually does and will probably know the reason sooner than a missed period. At least, she will more than likely suspect the happy news. The symptoms of pregnancy are like every pregnancy, they vary and are likely to be different for each woman each time she has a baby. While no two babies are just alike neither is the pregnancy that got them here.

July 21, 2014

Eating Well Even After Your Pregnancy

Congratulations and welcome to parenthood. Your body has gone through a lot these past nine months and it still has a while to go before it is back to normal. The next few months are going to give you and your body a whole new set of challenges especially if you are a first time parent. Recovering from childbirth is exhausting and when you throw a new baby who has no concept of time into the mix and you might find your head spinning. Eating well during this time is almost as important as eating well during your pregnancy.

July 19, 2014

Looking For Videos Of Women In Childbirth?

The Internet is a valuable information tool for anyone who is pregnant, thinking about becoming pregnant or fascinated by the process of childbirth.

Are you looking for videos of women in childbirth? There are videos of women in childbirth available online. People can post their own videos of women in childbirth or view existing ones through online libraries.

Sharing information online is part of what makes the worldwide web such a valuable tool for scholars and for regular people who want information. Someone studying to be a doctor, midwife or a doula may be interested in downloading videos of women in childbirth to help them in their learning process. Perhaps you want to share your own video because you had a unique birth experience that you want to share.

July 17, 2014

Miscarriage support can come in many forms

If you are getting over a pregnancy loss, you may need miscarriage support for both the physical and emotional effects of the experience. Miscarriage support can take many different forms, including professional help, talking about the problem, becoming informed about what a miscarriage is, books, support groups, journaling, and online forums.

Books are a great source for miscarriage support and information. Many books can help you learn exactly what a miscarriage is and causes of pregnancy loss, as well as provide guidance about your emotional health. As a pregnancy loss resource, books are easily available and are also a great resource for learning about other women’s experiences and feelings in regards to miscarriage.

July 15, 2014

Preventing Miscarriage For Those Who Are High Risk

There’s no certain way to prevent miscarriage undoubtedly but there are several things that can be done to reduce the chance of miscarrying. Some high-risk pregnancies are closely monitored from the doctor or OB GYN to do everything possible to increase the chance of a successful birth.

The reality is that a large majority of pregnancies do end in miscarriage through no fault of the woman carrying the embryo or through no fault of the physician overseeing the pregnancy. Preventing miscarriage can be a daunting task. Sometimes, a miscarriage occurs for no apparent reason while it can often be attributed to factors such as chromosomal abnormalities, maternal age, and problems with the reproductive system of the pregnant female or through lifestyle issues such as drugs or sexually transmitted diseases.

July 13, 2014

Real-life Stories on Teenage Pregnancy – Feeling a Little Less Alone

Whether a pregnant teenager looks online, in a magazine, or in a pamphlet at a clinic, it is always helpful for her to know that she is not the only one going through such an ordeal. Stories on teenage pregnancy are a comfort to pregnant teens; they look to these stories for suggestions, strength and inspirations.

For example, girls can read stories on teenage pregnancy that deal with the terror an adolescent feels when she finds out she is pregnant: “Two pink lines stared back at me. I was numb. The next few weeks were filled with conflicting emotions about the pregnancy. The things I knew about unwed young mothers weren’t good things. I knew how I looked upon girls I knew that got pregnant and it wasn’t how I wanted to be looked at.”

July 11, 2014

During Pregnancy, Diet Health, Men’s Weight and Omega-3 Fundamental Power

Pregnancy is a family affair. What the expectant mother does affects everyone else in the household. The interesting fact is that during pregnancy, diet health, mens health and Omega-3 essential nutrients are all integral components of the plan to produce a health baby. Let’s face it- it’s tough to stick to a healthy diet if others around you are eating whatever they want and everything you shouldn’t have. None of us are impervious to temptation. But during pregnancy, diet health, mens health and DHA Omega-3 nutrients can help any woman have a successful nine months. The added benefit is that if your husband or significant other follows a pregnancy diet, he too will get the many benefits from eating healthy. That is the power of a good diet no matter the circumstance.

July 9, 2014

The Shocking Truth About Miscarriage Statistics

The unfortunate reality of miscarriage statistics is that one in five pregnancies will result in a miscarriage. Most miscarriages occur within the first twelve weeks of a pregnancy but a miscarriage is defined as the loss of a pregnancy prior to twenty-four weeks gestation. Miscarriage statistics show that miscarriages are far more common than most people realize.

July 7, 2014

Pregnancy Stages: First Month

So, you just discovered your partner is pregnant. You have heard a lot about pregnancy, but now it is happening to you, or rather, your partner. What does this mean for her? What are the pregnancy stages first month and how will the pregnancy affect your life?

July 5, 2014

The Truth of Getting Pregnant After Ovulation

Women who are trying to conceive are constantly told that pregnancy only occurs during ovulation. If this is strictly true, why are so many unplanned babies born to parents who practice the rhythm method for birth control? The answer is that each and every woman and her cycle are different. When the egg is released it can be viable, able to be fertilized, for 12-48 hours. Once again, every woman is different in this regard. Knowing that fact, it is clear to see how getting pregnant after ovulation is possible.