September 29, 2014

Protecting Yourself and Your Baby – Teen Pregnancy and Health Risks

Teen pregnancy and health risks to both mother and infant are unfortunately closely related. In general, infants born to adolescent mothers are at a higher risk of accidental injury and poisoning, complications of prematurity, learning disabilities and cognitive problems, minor acute infections, sudden infant death syndrome. Also, rates of premature birth and low birth weight are higher among teenage mothers.

Teen pregnancy and health risks go hand in hand in girls 14 years old and younger because of an underdeveloped pelvis which can lead to difficulties in the childbirth process. In industrialized nations, this situation can be resolved with a Cesarean section. In developing nations, however, which have high rates of adolescent pregnancy, medical services are scarce and problems during childbirth can lead to eclampsia, obstetric fistula, infant mortality, or maternal death.

September 27, 2014

The Ultimate in Formal Maternity Wear

Just because you’re pregnant, that doesn’t mean you won’t be going out on the town at some point. It could be a charity ball, an office Christmas party, or an art museum fundraiser that forces you to conduct a massive search for formal maternity wear. Whatever the special occasion, rest assured that you can find an elegant dress that will be a real show-stopper.
In years past, maternity wear was quite dowdy. It often resembled a caftan and was quite unflattering. It would have been unthinkable to wear such clothing for a formal event.

September 25, 2014

Breastfeeding photos can be beautiful

Breastfeeding is one of the most beautiful things between a mother and a baby. It is a perfect combination of nurturing and nutrition. Babies get everything they need to fend off harmful viruses and illnesses, as well as all the necessary nutrients, while forming a powerful bond with their mothers. That’s why breastfeeding photos are becoming more and more popular.

In these modern times, anything goes and that means breastfeeding photos. The days when women were confined to their bedrooms when pregnant and nursing are long gone. Now, the joy of a woman’s body and the gift that she can share with her baby can be cherished with the lasting memories that a photograph can provide.

September 23, 2014

Earliest possible signs of pregnancy

You Don’t Look Pregnant: Earliest Possible Signs of Pregnancy

Is it possible to know you are pregnant before missing your cycle? For women who have been trying to conceive, and are familiar with taking their basal body temperature, they may notice fluctuations in their basal temperature at the time of ovulation. When the temperature remains high after ovulation and remains high when your period should arrive again could be one of the earliest possible signs of pregnancy. Learning how to chart your Basal body temperature is quite simple and can accomplished with many over the counter products.

September 21, 2014

What Are Some Facts About Abortion?

In order to keep the facts about abortion straight, the medical field provides specific terminology for the processes of abortion. Abortion is separated into two categories: spontaneous abortion and induced abortion. Spontaneous Abortion is more commonly referred to as miscarriage. A Spontaneous Abortion happens when trauma occurs and accidentally affects the embryo or fetus, causing the mother’s body to expel it. This is due to natural causes such as genetic problems or disease.

September 19, 2014

Avoiding Getting Pregnant After Giving Birth

There is no doubt that having a baby is one of life’s greatest joys. Many women feel this experience was the most important and miraculous event that occurs in their lives. However, it is rare for a new mom to excited about the prospect of getting pregnant after giving birth. The body needs time to heal and the parents obviously want some time to get to know the current addition to the family. Sex immediately following delivery isn’t usually high on mom’s priority list, but it will happen and it is important to be prepared.

September 17, 2014

Birth control methods

There are lots of methods of birth control. Study about the different kinds of birth control to help one choose the best one for individual. When making the choice, also consider that only a condom will protect from sexually transmitted diseases.

Types of methods:

1. Hormonal methods – Hormonal methods are very consistent means of birth control. Hormonal methods use two basic formulas like combination hormonal methods contain both estrogen and progestin. Combination methods include pills, skin patches and rings. Progestin is only hormonal methods include pills, also called mini-pills and injections.Combination pills may reduce acne, pain in ovulation and premenstrual symptoms. Both types of pill decrease heavy bleeding and cramping.

September 15, 2014

Teenagers Speak Out – Statistics on Teenage Pregnancy

Seventy four percent of sexually active females between the ages of 15 and 19 have partners who are the same age or 1 to 3 years older. Twenty five percent of girls had a first partner who was 4 years older or more. Twenty percent of teenage mothers have a partner six or more years older. These statistics on teenage pregnancy are important because the younger the girl is when she begins to engage in sexual intercourse, the greater the difference in age between her and her partner; more importantly, adolescents with older partners are more likely to be sexually active on a consistent basis, less likely to use contraception, and much more likely to experience at least one unintended pregnancy.

September 13, 2014

Birth control injection

The birth control shot is an injection. It is a long-acting form of progesterone, a hormone to naturally manufacture in a girl’s ovaries. The shot is given as an injection in the upper arm or in the buttocks once every 3 months to guard a girl from becoming pregnant. The hormone progesterone in the birth control injection primarily works by preventing ovulation. If a girl does not ovulate, she cannot get pregnant since there is no egg to be fertilized. The birth control injection is a very effective method of birth control. The possibility increases if it not given after 3 months. In common, how well each type of birth control technique works depends on a lot of things. These include whether a person has any physical condition or is taking any medications that might interfere with its use. It also depends on whether the process chosen is convenient and whether the person remembers to use it properly all of the time.

September 11, 2014

Birth control information

All women and men should have control if and when they become parents. The decisions making required about birth control, or contraception, is not easy. There are many things that have to be taken in to consideration. Learning about birth control methods one or ones partner can use to prevent pregnancy and talking about it with the doctor are two good ways to get started. There isn’t any kind of “best” method of birth control. Each method has its own advantages and disadvantages. Some methods work better than others do at preventing pregnancy. Researchers are always working to develop or improve birth control methods.